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 (Angelle Hall - UL-Lafayette)

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Performance Assessment

The LCBI features nationally renowned clinicians and evaluators. A panel of 4 evaluators will asses each band’s performance. One clinician will give each band a 40-minute clinic following their performance. Other panel members will provide audio and written comments to each band.

Professional Evaluation

The LCBI features nationally renowned clinicians and evaluators along with performances by some of the South’s premier band programs. The LCBI welcomes Music for All®  evaluator Richard Floyd .

Featured Ensemble

This year’s featured performing ensemble is the University of Louisiana Wind Ensemble conducted by Dr. William J. Hochkeppel. The premier concert organization of the UL Lafayette Band Program, the Wind Ensemble maintains high standards of performance. It has traveled to France twice and to Mexico for invited concert tours. In addition to our international tours, the Wind Ensemble has been featured at Festival International de Louisiane; the inaugural Louisiana Concert Band Invitational (a Music For All regional festival); and frequently tours to high schools. We’ve also collaborated with special guest artists, such as Marcia Ball and Grammy Award-winners Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet. 

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Louisiana Concert Band Invitational

LCBI thanks Lafayette Music for their support of this event